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Size 45cm
Limited Edition 10 worldwide

My artist-dolls of porcelaine are strictly limited, they encompass unique specimens and mini-series between 5 or 10 specimens wherein I shape the single dolls in this vario-series always different. Each collector owns a unique piece out of this limited series and uniqueness of course increases the value of the piece of art.

Each doll is designed and manufactured exclusively by me and because of this it appears in itself as a harmonic piece of art.

The clothing, made of natural materials ( silk, linen, cotton ) are lovingly together with the accessories tuned to the special type of doll. Often jewelry and equipment of my ethnic dolls come from the respective origin-countries, which of course heightens the authenticity of the piece of art.

.....dear dollfriends, I hope you enjoyed this little round-trip through my world of dolls! ... and of course it was a pleasure for me, to accompany you on this dream-journey.