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"Spirit of silence"

Ninon 1

Paralyzed by the blind terror-act against the USA and the whole civilized world, I am unable to give words for my convulsion. I am grieving with you and dedicate my new collection "spirit of silence" to the wounded american nation. Forget the weekday, full of stress and hectic and sink in to the world of silence and meditation that comes out of this works.
Ethnic dolls with roots in the different continents of this earth want to take on-one dream journey to their native countries and show you their world. Far away from the modern civilization you get to know fascinating and strange cultural areas. Maybe you lead your children back to their old fashioned roots if you recognize something you felt yourself long ago.
Enjoy yourself looking at the new collection of dolls.

"spirit of silence"
Marlies Theillout

"Ninon", Size 85cm, Limited Edition 5 worldwide